23andMe’s Relative Finder, now called DNA Relatives, matches customers who have opted into sharing with others with whom they share DNA. The tools also predicts the closeness of the relation.

DNA Relatives Milestone

May 06, 2015
Last month for DNA Day, 23andMe took a look back at some of our own milestones, but a few of our customers pointed out a glaring omission from that list...
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I Found Them

January 16, 2015
In the fading black-and-white photo Diane Silberman Berger is about four years old and walking next to her mother along a sidewalk in downtown Spokane. Taken by a street photographer...
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Amy’s Story

November 20, 2013
Amy’s story begins: “Once upon a dime…” And then, as she says, “It just gets weirder.” Amy, a writer and director of a small library in an Alaskan fishing village,...
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23andMe Helps Man Find Family

November 05, 2013
He may have seen his mother once before, but PJ Holland can’t be sure. It’s a fleeting memory, one of his first. He would have been two or three at...
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An Unexpected Discovery

October 30, 2013
An adoptee, Cody Harden turned to 23andMe to search for medical information. Little did he know that in his search he’d find more than just data about his health, he...
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Sisters Connect with 23andMe

July 02, 2013
Greta had given up on ever finding her mother. From her adoption papers she had a name, Carolyn Palmer, but decades of searching never got her any closer to finding...
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A New Look at 23andMe

April 05, 2013
23andMe has a new design for our website. We’d like you to take a peek. With input from our customers, we created a cleaner and more personalized layout that highlights...
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Three Degrees of Genetic Separation

June 08, 2012
What do Martha Stewart and Samuel L. Jackson have in common? Besides being supremely successful in their respective careers, Stewart and Jackson both share a mutual 4th cousin based on 23andMe's DNA analysis. But their connection is not so unique -- it turns out that between most people there is at most three degrees of genetic separation.
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The method behind the Relative Finder tool

April 19, 2012
This month, 23andMe published a new article describing the nuts and bolts behind our innovative Relative Finder tool. Primary author Brenna Henn discusses what the findings mean for our notion of "relatives" and explores the many special features of the 23andMe database.
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An Update to 23andMe Customers

January 08, 2012
From 23andMe co-founder and CEO Anne Wojcicki 23andMe Community, Let me begin by acknowledging that there are many things we could have done better over the years and there are...
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