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Using 23andMe to Make Connections

October 30, 2012
We plead guilty to occasionally geeking out on genetics, so it’s nice to see when someone else does it too. In September, Moment Magazine got all nerdy and wrote about...
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Three Degrees of 23andMe

August 23, 2012
Shawna, one of 23andMe’s customer care representatives, who has a degree in biological sciences focusing her studies on genetics, put together this video and post that illustrates the interconnectedness between...
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23andMe’s New Look at Ancestry

August 01, 2012
Over the last week 23andMe customers got a different view of their ancestry. Since we launched our new Ancestry Overview, customers now get a quick and comprehensive summary of what...
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Dancing with 23andMe

June 21, 2012
The dance is sort of a gnome-like jig – all knees and elbows and no hint of cool – but where Matt Harding gets you is in his pure unabashed...
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Three Degrees of Genetic Separation

June 08, 2012
What do Martha Stewart and Samuel L. Jackson have in common? Besides being supremely successful in their respective careers, Stewart and Jackson both share a mutual 4th cousin based on 23andMe's DNA analysis. But their connection is not so unique -- it turns out that between most people there is at most three degrees of genetic separation.
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A Sneak Peek at 23andMe’s New Ancestry Features

June 08, 2012
Over the next three days, a crack team from 23andMe will be at the annual Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree in Burbank, to inject even more fun into the event...
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The method behind the Relative Finder tool

April 19, 2012
This month, 23andMe published a new article describing the nuts and bolts behind our innovative Relative Finder tool. Primary author Brenna Henn discusses what the findings mean for our notion of "relatives" and explores the many special features of the 23andMe database.
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An Update to 23andMe Customers

January 08, 2012
From 23andMe co-founder and CEO Anne Wojcicki 23andMe Community, Let me begin by acknowledging that there are many things we could have done better over the years and there are...
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A Look Forward: A Letter from 23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki

January 05, 2012
Each and every one of you — our 23andMe customers — is a pioneer who has helped define the field of personal genetics and has made 23andMe a unique and...
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Our Hidden African Ancestry

September 30, 2011
Update: A post at the blog Your Genetic Genealogist just went up with a very similar story to mine. Check it out.   It was just a few thin green...
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