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Highlighting 23andMe Research

Team 23andMe will again have a strong presence at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. We’ve been at this gathering of geneticists and those interested in human genetics ever since 23andMe launched, but this year with the 62nd annual meeting being held in San Francisco — sort of ...

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23andMe and Parkinson’s: Past, Present, and Future

What Causes Parkinson's Disease? The symptoms of Parkinson’s are thought to stem from a loss of dopamine-producing brain cells that normally control movement, but what causes these cells to die off in the first place is difficult to answer. Toxins and other environmental factors can play a role, but ...

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Turning Research Participants Into Research Partners

Every year more than two million Americans take part in clinical trials. Many may not realize when they sign up that there is no requirement for the investigators running the trial to ever tell them the results. The same goes for many genetic studies. In fact, there is often a specific prohibition ...

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