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Empower The People

Over the last month, Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe’s CEO and co-founder, has been plenty busy spreading the word about the power of genetics to transform health care and empower people. Anne has spoken at events as varied as Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women conference to a discussion at the Smithsonian’s ...

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The Power of One

23andMe’s research is unique in that it enlists the participation of  customers to power scientific breakthroughs. 23andMe can quickly gather data on a broad range of topics from a large pool of people to help make discoveries about various conditions and traits. This can often be done much faster than ...

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CureTogether with 23andMe

23andMe is passionate about making discoveries that will benefit you. We give individuals access to their DNA data while in turn translating information they’ve volunteered into meaningful genetic discoveries. Today we’re announcing the acquisition of CureTogether, Inc. a company that we’ve admired ...

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Introducing a Do-It-Yourself Revolution in Disease Research

There's a high likelihood that a disease of some sort affects you or one of your relatives — every family seems to have ripples in its gene pool that define and shape its health dynamics. Your family might have a propensity for rheumatoid arthritis or a particular type of cancer. Whatever it is, there can ...

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