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Spit And Tell

Editor's note: This post has been changed to reflect 23andMe's newly regulated product offering. Caitlin, a blogger and self-described nerd, titled her ode to 23andMe “Do These Genes Make My Butt Look Big?” When she and her husband Rob gave each other the test kits as a gift, the two were captivated by ...

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Top Genetic Findings of 2012

Take a moment to look back at the ten most interesting and significant genetic findings of 2012 or at least the ones that drew our attention. In the last 12 months we’ve seen huge strides in genetic research giving us new insight into serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s as well as new treatments for ...

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Using Genetics and Family History for Health

For decades, a patient’s family health history has been a keystone to any wellness plan. A simple record of medical conditions your siblings, your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents struggled with can help you and your doctor know what to watch for to keep you healthy. Like family health histories, ...

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Great Expectations for Personal Genomes

A study published yesterday in Science Translational Medicine from a group at Johns Hopkins University set out to determine the best-case power of genetics to provide clinically meaningful information about risk of common diseases. The authors did this using data from identical twin pairs: by seeing how often ...

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Family History and Personal Genetic Risk Assessments: A Perspective on the Cleveland Clinic Study

by David Hinds A small study conducted by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic and reported at last week's American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting found that family health history (FH) often gave different assessments of cancer risk than SNP-based personal genomic (PG) risk assessments obtained ...

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It’s Not Genes or Environment, It’s Genes AND Environment

A good diet and plenty of exercise are important for maintaining a healthy weight, but they’re not the whole story. Studies have shown that there’s a substantial genetic component to body mass index. Research published today in Archives of Internal Medicine demonstrates, however, that in people with a genetic ...

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