2009 Blog Highlights – Part 2

December 30, 2009
In our last post we highlighted a few of the coolest (in our opinion!) health-related developments of 2009.   But human genetics isn’t all about disease.   Here are a...
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Researchers Discover the True Identity of the “Royal Disease”

October 08, 2009
Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Prince Alexei, 1911. The princes of early 20th century Europe had a problem.   The source of their wealth and power — the royal blood coursing...
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History’s Mysteries: Finding Answers in our DNA

February 24, 2009
As we have shown time and again here at the Blog, our DNA can greatly illuminate the lives of our most ancient ancestors.   We’ve learned how the ancient Phoenicians...
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Leaving No Stone Unturned: DNA Analysis Confirms Identities of Missing Romanovs

February 23, 2009
There are many mysteries surrounding the final days of the last Emperor of Russia, Tsar Nicholas, and his family.   The most perplexing of them all is the fate of...
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