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Sarcoma Community Update

Genetic research is a numbers game. The more people who contribute to the effort, the more powerful it gets. As our Sarcoma Community grows with survey responses and genetic data from participants, we learn more about sarcoma and people’s responses to treatment. We are over halfway to our goal of 1,000 ...

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A Sarcoma Community Update and Survivor Story

There is strength in numbers. With the help of our participants, we are well on our way to achieving our 1,000 person Sarcoma Community milestone. Thank you! We have over 500 individuals who have joined our sarcoma group from all over the world and with ties to several different patient organizations. Just ...

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When Rare is Not Rare: Help Fight Rare Disease, Today and Everyday

Most people have never heard of osteochondrodysplasia, glycogen storage disease, or a thousand other conditions with names we may or may not be able to pronounce. Individually, each of these diseases is extremely rare. Some, like medium chain acyl-coA dehydrogenase deficiency, may affect about one person in ...

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23andMe Achieves Milestone in Building Sarcoma Research Community and Announces Appointment of Sarcoma Scientific Advisory Committee

Leading Personal Genomics Company Engages the Worldwide Sarcoma Community for Research and Welcomes Leading Sarcoma Researchers and Clinicians as Advisors 23andMe’s sarcoma research efforts are well underway with collection of both phenotypic and genetic data from 500 individuals diagnosed with sarcoma ...

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23andWe Research Update: Something Old and Something New

One of 23andMe’s core missions is to accelerate the pace of scientific research and contribute to our understanding of the genetic basis of human health and traits. Central to this mission is our growing database of genotyped customers who have consented to allow us to incorporate their genetic data and ...

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23andMe Launches Sarcoma Community

Sarcomas are an extremely rare set of cancers that affect the bone and connective tissues such as muscle, bone, fat, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels, and the like. With the launch of the new Sarcoma Community, 23andMe hopes to recruit a research cohort that will serve as a platform for research ...

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