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Useful Genetics

The Scripps Translational Science Institute recently published a follow-up study of research that showed that more than a third of individuals in their research who took a direct-to-consumer genetic test shared their results with their doctors, and that most of those who tested said it was highly ...

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Data on Personal Genetics at ASHG

There are a lot of pie charts, numerical tables and graphs on display this week at the American Society of Human Genetics in San Francisco, but one caught our eye Wednesday morning. It was a graph put up by Dr. Cinnamon Bloss of the Scripps Translational Science Institute. Scripps has been studying ...

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Few Worries About Genetic Testing

A common refrain for critics of direct to consumer genetic testing is that the tests could cause unnecessary worry. Those critics believe that for some tests the results shouldn’t go directly to a consumer and instead be delivered by a doctor or genetic counselor. We believe that a person shouldn’t have to ...

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