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23andMe Studies the Genetics of Sexual Orientation

(Editor's note: Here's a link to Emily's poster presented at ASHG.) Earlier this year 23andMe began surveying its customers to study the genetics of sexual orientation. It is now the largest genome-wide association study of sexual orientation ever done. While our researchers have a strong scientific ...

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Highlighting 23andMe Research

Team 23andMe will again have a strong presence at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. We’ve been at this gathering of geneticists and those interested in human genetics ever since 23andMe launched, but this year with the 62nd annual meeting being held in San Francisco — sort of ...

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Do Ask, Do Tell

This week 23andMe will begin surveying its members to study the biology of sexual orientation. The survey was prompted in part by customer interest, and fueled by our own scientific curiosity. We’re also launching the survey during “Come Out For Health” week, a nationwide event that has for the last nine ...

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