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23andMe Looks Back One More Time

In honor of the Chinese New Year, we’re taking one last look at the genetic milestones of 2013. From a Supreme Court ruling on patenting genes, to Angelina Jolie’s bold revelations about her genetic risk for breast cancer, to the FDA ordering 23andMe to stop offering health results pending a regulatory ...

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Happy Holidays From 23andMe


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Some Basics About Using 23andMe

Can 23andMe sample my dead relatives and why do you use spit to extract my DNA? Inquiring minds want to know, or at least a lot of our customers do. There really are no dumb questions and if you have something to ask, we’ve probably heard it before. 23andMe has a lot of resources for folks trying to learn ...

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What Happens After I Spit? A Saliva Sample’s Saga

The way our Personal Genome Service™ works is pretty straightforward, at least from a customer's point of view. We send you a saliva collection kit, which is at its heart a plastic tube. You spit in the tube and send it to our laboratory, which extracts DNA from your saliva, analyzes it and deposits the ...

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