Mobile Research at 23andMe

March 21, 2016
23andMe announced this week that it would add access to genetic information to ResearchKit, an open source framework introduced by Apple that allows researchers and developers to create powerful apps...
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Genetics found to influence risk for rosacea

March 11, 2015
A new study by researchers from Stanford Medical School and 23andMe is the first to identify genetic variants associated with rosacea, a chronic skin disease estimated to affect more than...
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Anne Wojcicki Interview At Big Data Conference

June 13, 2014
23andMe cofounder and CEO Anne Wojcicki took a few moments to talk to interviewer Hayley Goldbach at Stanford’s recent Big Data in Biomedicine conference. The annual conference, which seems to...
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A Cancer Fighter Gets Personal

December 05, 2011
It’s hard to picture a more “personalized” approach to medicine than Dr. Ronald Levy’s. Levy, chief of the oncology division at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, has spent his career...
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Plus ca change … The Mystery of Ultraconserved Elements

October 02, 2008
Before efforts to sequence the human genome began, scientists thought they’d find about 100,000 protein coding genes in the three billion bases pairs of DNA that are found in almost...
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BEER! Now that we have your attention, a little science…

September 10, 2008
Just four simple ingredients — water, malt, hops, and yeast — go into making beer, a delicious and intoxicating brew that has been enjoyed for the past 6000 years. The...
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The Origins of Pastoralism in Africa: What do the Genes Say

August 04, 2008
By Brenna HennA Nilotic-speaking pastoralist from Tanzania / Sarah A. TishkoffGenes are just one component that children inherit from their parents. Throughout much of human history, especially when populations consisted...
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