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23andMe Looks Back One More Time

In honor of the Chinese New Year, we’re taking one last look at the genetic milestones of 2013. From a Supreme Court ruling on patenting genes, to Angelina Jolie’s bold revelations about her genetic risk for breast cancer, to the FDA ordering 23andMe to stop offering health results pending a regulatory ...

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Health Care Costs and Reform

(Editors note: Dan Vorhaus pointed out an error in an earlier version of this introduction concerning the SCOTUS blog. We've corrected the error. Thanks Dan.) In light of the Supreme Court’s ruling this week largely upholding the health care reform law, we’re reposting a story we did back in March. If you ...

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Spending Less and Improving Health Care

In the lead up to this week’s arguments at the Supreme Court over the health care reform law, 23andMe got the opinion of two doctors on what’s ailing the country’s medical system. On separate visits we heard from Bob Kocher, an MD and partner at Venrock who previously served as a special assistant to the ...

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