New genetic findings for rare blood cancers

A research study spearheaded by 23andMe has uncovered new genetic associations for a group of rare blood cancers offering insights into these sometimes fatal conditions. Published in the journal Blood earlier this summer, the research identified variants in seven genes associated with myeloprofliferative ...

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This Year’s Top Ten Genetic Findings

Each year at this time 23andMe puts together a list of the most interesting genetic findings of 2013. We’re doing that again but with a twist. We want to include in our list a few things that aren’t findings or discoveries, but clearly these stories have had a huge impact on the field of genetics. The fact ...

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Rare Mutation Leads to New Insights into Melanoma

A study published recently in Science by Susanne Horn and colleagues is a noteworthy example of hypothesis-driven science done right. It exemplifies how seemingly obscure findings can lead to new hypotheses and provide insight into human health and disease. Horn and her colleagues studied a family prone to ...

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New Discoveries about Rare Blood Disorders from 23andMe

Earlier this year we met our goal of enrolling 1,000 people in a community of people with a collection of rare blood disorders known as myeloproliferative neoplasms, or MPNs. Since then we’ve been able to replicate known genetic associations with these rare disorders, as well as make new findings of our ...

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