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Independence DNA

Editor's note: When we first ran this post it garnered a lot of interest from our customers, so we decided that for July 4th we'd run it again. Through the magic of the Internet you can now examine the yellowing letters of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin’s first ideas for a colonial confederation in ...

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DNA Tests Uncover African Ancestry and Surprising Connection to Thomas Jefferson

As the series Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. begins its 10-week run on PBS, The Spittoon will feature posts from 23andMe’s Ancestry Ambassadors featuring their own stories about using DNA to dig into ancestry. By CeCe Moore You never know what a DNA test might reveal! A few months ...

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History’s Mysteries: Finding Answers in our DNA

As we have shown time and again here at the Spittoon, our DNA can greatly illuminate the lives of our most ancient ancestors.  We've learned how the ancient Phoenicians left their genetic footprints scattered across the Mediterranean Sea, and seen the DNA signatures of the first farmers sprinkled everywhere ...

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