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23andMe Looks Back One More Time

In honor of the Chinese New Year, we’re taking one last look at the genetic milestones of 2013. From a Supreme Court ruling on patenting genes, to Angelina Jolie’s bold revelations about her genetic risk for breast cancer, to the FDA ordering 23andMe to stop offering health results pending a regulatory ...

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23andMe’s Science Book For Kids

In the New Year 23andMe will be giving out a gift for kids and promoting literacy at the same time. We are delivering 500 copies of our illustrated board book You Share Genes With Me to Books for Kids. Books for Kids in a non-profit organization based in New York city. Its mission is to promote literacy ...

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Introducing Tales from the Genome on Udacity

By Matthew Cook, PhD Udacity Instructor Get excited! After months of planning and production, Udacity and 23andMe are launching a new genetics course, Tales from the Genome, that will be ready and open to the world on Monday, September 30th. The rapid pace of technological development is making ...

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