Uta’s Cover

March 06, 2016
A big congratulations to Uta Franke, a member of our scientific advisory board and our former senior medical director, appearing on the cover of the American Journal of Human Genetics....
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Recognized For Excellence

November 28, 2014
Uta Francke, 23andMe’s science advisory board member and our former Senior Medical Director, added another in a long list of accolades when the Association for Molecular Pathology lauded her in...
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23andMe’s Uta Francke Lauded by ASHG

November 09, 2012
A big congratulations from everybody here at 23andMe to our Senior Medical Director Uta Francke, who’ll be picking up the William Allan Award from the American Society of Human Genetics...
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23andMe Presents Latest Research at ASHG

November 06, 2012
(Editor’s note: Here’s a link to a post with the links to all the poster presentations given by 23andMe scientists at 23andMe.) Here we come. Starting today a contingent of...
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