23andMe Launches Its First NIH Funded Study

December 16, 2010
  By Amy Kiefer and Kim Barnholt 23andMe is excited to announce the launch of our first National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research project. In  the fall of 2010,...
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FDA Updates Label for Commonly Used Blood Thinner to Include Dosing Recommendations Based on Genetics

February 04, 2010
Warfarin (Coumadin ®) is a blood thinner given to people at high risk for the formation of blood clots due to conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, heart valve disease...
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New Study Shows That Genetic Information Can Improve Administration Of Commonly Used Blood Thinner

February 19, 2009
Each time a doctor writes a prescription for warfarin (Coumadin ®), a blood thinner given to about two million people each year in the United States, it’s a guessing game....
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