Joanna Mountain, 23andMe's Research Director, and on the right Christine Moschella, 23andMe's Community Manager.


Tools For Genetic Genealogists

This past weekend, 23andMe’s Joanna Mountain and Christine Moschella, attended the 2014 Institute for Genetic Genealogy Conference at the National 4H ...

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More On Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Since announcing our new study on Inflammatory Bowel Disease, we’ve received questions not just about the study, but about the disease itself. Eligible ...

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Science & Research

Gut Check — A Short List of IBD Blogs

It might not be genetic but there appears to be a clear association between having inflammatory bowel disease and having a damn good sense of humor. IBD is ...

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Photo by Quinn Walker

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Photogenetics: 23andMe’s Genetics Image Contest

Another school year begins and 23andMe has your first assignment. A picture is worth a thousand words, and we think that’s plenty enough to explain key ...

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