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Genetics Image Contest

If you haven’t already, there’s still time to submit entries in 23andMe’s first “Genetics Image Contest.” We're extending the deadline to get your entries in so you really have no excuse not to send in something. We are also expanding who is eligible to enter, allowing all US residents who are 18 and older ...

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23andMe DNA Day Essay Contest

(Editor's note: 23andMe has extended the deadline for the DNA Day Essay Contest to April, so if you haven't yet get your essay in.) Our growing understanding of genetics is reshaping medicine. Having familiarity with this rapidly advancing science will be crucial for those pursuing careers in ...

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23andMe’s Science Book For Kids

In the New Year 23andMe will be giving out a gift for kids and promoting literacy at the same time. We are delivering 500 copies of our illustrated board book You Share Genes With Me to Books for Kids. Books for Kids in a non-profit organization based in New York city. Its mission is to promote literacy ...

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