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New Standards Regulating Gluten Labeling

New rules issued by the US Food and Drug Administration earlier this month mean we may finally know what it means when a label on food we buy says “Gluten-Free.” The new standards are hugely important for the more than 3 million Americans with celiac disease as well as many others who for other reasons may ...

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Improving Health With 23andMe

Sometimes when she sees her 5-year-old daughter thriving and making up for lost time, Kristen Whitaker says it makes her feel “almost weepy.” It reminds her that for a long time her daughter wasn’t doing so well. It reminds Kristen that her little girl was for a time falling behind on the growth chart, not ...

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Planning for Wellness With 23andMe

After spending 15 years as a primary care physician, Dr. Mark Costa wanted a better way to practice medicine, one that gave him more time with each of his patients. So the Boston area physician and his wife, Marilyn Chown, a medical researcher and nurse, opened a small medical practice of their own. The ...

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