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Three Degrees of Separation At SXSW

For the tens of thousands of people at the South by Southwest conference in Austin this week, attending is about more than just seeing new music and hearing about new ideas, it’s about making new connections. But 23andMe researchers found that just about everybody there is already connected. In fact any ...

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Using 23andMe to Make Connections

We plead guilty to occasionally geeking out on genetics, so it’s nice to see when someone else does it too. In September, Moment Magazine got all nerdy and wrote about their Great DNA Experiment, in which they look at the 23andMe results of 15 notable Americans of Jewish ancestry and make some interesting ...

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Three Degrees of 23andMe

23andMe's Shawna, who has a degree in biological sciences focusing her studies on genetics, put together this video and post that illustrates the interconnectedness between all people. Enjoy. We hope it inspires your own journey through your DNA. By Shawna, Customer Care Representative at ...

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Dancing with 23andMe

The dance is sort of a gnome-like jig — all knees and elbows and no hint of cool — but where Matt Harding gets you is in his pure unabashed release of happiness. As you watch, a smile creeps across your face. You can’t help yourself. For almost a decade, Matt has cobbled together the most unlikely of ...

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How Many Relatives Do You Have?

This month, 23andMe published a new article in PLoS One entitled “Cryptic Distant Relatives are Common in both Isolated and Cosmopolitan Samples." Authored by former 23andMe scientists, Brenna Henn and Lawrence Hon, along with current 23andMe scientists and 23andMe advisor, Itsik Pe’er, of Columbia ...

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