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Power of One Million

23andMe genotyped our one millionth customer last week. Today we celebrate one million customers: #PowerOf1Million. However, one million is more than a number. It’s a turning point. There are now one million people driving change. People are taking control of their data. People are taking ownership of ...

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A Note To Our Customers About The New Year

By Anne Wojcicki I’m excited about 2015! We are starting the New Year with new customers around the world, new research collaborations and many employees working diligently on our FDA submission. As CEOs do, I look into the future to make sure we are working towards our mission: to help people access, ...

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An FDA Update For 23andMe Customers

Over the last few months we’ve heard from many of you asking about where 23andMe stands in the FDA authorization process, so here is the latest. To remind you, back in November the FDA ordered 23andMe to stop returning health results to new customers until we completed the agency’s regulatory review ...

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The Ties That Bind

Daniella had always pestered her father about details of their ancestry, but apart from a few bits and pieces he never gave her a clear picture of their family background. When he began his battle with terminal cancer, Daniella decided that it was time to learn more about their ancestry together using ...

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An Unexpected Discovery

An adoptee, Cody Harden turned to 23andMe to search for medical information. Little did he know that in his search he’d find more than just data about his health, he found family. Cody, a 39-year-old software systems specialist, hadn’t tested with the intent of trying to find his biological family. It just ...

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23 A Go-Go

(Editor's note: We've heard from some of you about issues with the new app. We're addressing many of those now. For updates and more information go here. Thanks.) Because we know your genes are made for walking, we’ve added a new 23andMe mobile app. Available as a download on Apple’s iTunes App Store ...

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