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Planning for Wellness With 23andMe

After spending 15 years as a primary care physician, Dr. Mark Costa wanted a better way to practice medicine, one that gave him more time with each of his patients. So the Boston area physician and his wife, Marilyn Chown, a medical researcher and nurse, opened a small medical practice of their own. The ...

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23andMedical History

A new study by researchers at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital draws attention to the value of online resources to document family medical history. 23andMe customers can record their family medication information in several ways, including through our Cancer Family History survey — men’s version and ...

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Using Genetics and Family History for Health

For decades, a patient’s family health history has been a keystone to any wellness plan. A simple record of medical conditions your siblings, your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents struggled with can help you and your doctor know what to watch for to keep you healthy. Like family health histories, ...

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Great Expectations for Personal Genomes

A study published yesterday in Science Translational Medicine from a group at Johns Hopkins University set out to determine the best-case power of genetics to provide clinically meaningful information about risk of common diseases. The authors did this using data from identical twin pairs: by seeing how often ...

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