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Family Mystery Solved with 23andMe

We’re returning one more time to the story of Jessica and Alice, and how they used 23andMe to unravel a century old mystery. We first wrote about the story back in February 2015 and again a few weeks later, and we aren’t the only ones fascinated by it. Scott Fisher, the host of the syndicated family ...

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Putting It Together

Liz Kellner loves puzzles, but piecing together the hardest one of her life required a little help from 23andMe. “This was the first time I was one of the pieces,” said the 48 year-old entrepreneurship specialist. Abandoned as an infant, Liz said her origins were always a mystery to her. She’d been ...

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Can I Call You Son?

David was 17 when a few words change him forever. His mother and father were having a bad patch and his mom had had a little bit too much to drink when she let something slip. She told David he was her favorite child and then slipped in something that it was “because she wasn’t sure if I was my ...

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Searching For Her Roots

In her 30 years of searching Perline Porter had to chase down rumors, uncover lies and overcome false assumptions, but in the end she discovered the truth. “I finally know where I came from,” said Perline, a 58 year-old retired computer tech. “I found my biological father and family.” The searching — ...

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War Baby

In the early 1990s when he was on the cusp of turning 50, Paul Dodds didn’t have a midlife crisis, he had a midlife surprise. Paul learned that the man he thought was his father wasn’t. “It kind of made sense because although he was always there, he never bothered with me or my brother (he wasn’t his ...

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