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Citizen Scientist

Along with having some very talented scientists and engineers on staff, 23andMe is lucky to have some customers who are equally accomplished. One of those is Dr. Ann Turner, a 23andMe Ancestry Ambassador and physician. Ann was recently listed as a co-author on a paper published by researchers from the ...

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A New Kind of Family Portrait

It’s that time of year when family photos start arriving on holiday cards from relatives across the country. Why don’t you do something different this year and create a new kind of family portrait? Make an image that illustrates the traits and ancestry you share with your family that are revealed in your ...

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All In The Family

By A.J. Jacobs I’d always wanted a big family. A few years ago, I got a huge one. After receiving my results back from 23andMe, I discovered I had more than a thousand genetic cousins in their database. This prompted the question: What could I do with all these new relatives? My answer: Maybe it’d be ...

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What’s in a Name: Surnames and the Y-Chromosome

My surname — Holden — has gone through many incarnations since it originated in England nearly 700 years ago.  Letters were added, then dropped.  Some branches of my family added an extra "u" in the middle, while others changed the pronunciation entirely.  Then, when my ancestors arrived in America over 200 ...

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African American Roots: What Genetics Can Reveal

Because their ancestors often were slaves during the 18th and 19th centuries, and therefore usually lacked birth or death certificates, it is very difficult for African American genealogists to trace their ancestors further than a few generations. Even when they can trace their ancestry to the slavery era, it ...

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Roots Television: The Internet TV Channel for Genealogists

People naturally yearn to know where they came from. Genealogists scratch that itch by poring over historical documents such as vital records, tax rolls, census lists and diaries to reconstruct their family history. In recent years, genealogists have also begun using genetic information as another way of ...

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