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Coursera’s Useful Genetics Wows

If you haven’t yet heard, college is expensive. Darn expensive. Thankfully, there are now free online universities for those of us daunted by the hefty price tag attached to traditional university courses. These online universities, such as Coursera and Udacity, provide quality courses taught by experienced ...

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DNA, Eh — Canadian Genome Project in the News

You’ve got to love the lead sentence of the Daily Globe and Mail story about the launch of a Canadian Genome Project: “Jill Davies is Canuck One.” Ms. Davies is the first of what researchers hope will be 100,000 people to join the Personal Genome Project in Canada. Like its counterpart in the United ...

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Which Would You Rather Have? Your Genome or a Bentley?

This car costs less than a human genome sequence – but not for long. A story in the weekly science section of today's New York Times profiles the first customer of Knome, a company started by Harvard University professor (and 23andMe scientific advisory board member) George Church that offers complete ...

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