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Why Wait?

On your own quest for good health, you don’t have to shoulder through a 1,500-meter swim in the Hudson River, or bike 40 kilometers through Manhattan, or run for almost an hour through Central Park. But you’re not Willie Sanchez. For him, training to compete in the New York City Triathlon sounded like the ...

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Updated Results for Hereditary Hemochromatosis

Mutations in the HFE gene cause most forms of hereditary hemochromatosis — a common genetic condition that increases a person’s risk for iron overload and can lead to liver disease, arthritis and heart problems. HFE-related hemochromatosis is recessive, meaning that you must inherit a mutated gene from each ...

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Preventing a Disease Lurking in Her Genome

July is National Hemochromatosis Month, and 23andMe will be highlighting stories and research related to this genetic disease that can quietly lead to iron overload ultimately causing damage to the liver, kidney, heart and other organs. Triathlete and research scientist Shauna Dudley says her tastes are ...

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The Iron Scale: Factors Tipping Towards Overload

Some of us may have grown up thinking that spinach is a good source of iron, but this isn't exactly true. It's been said that a report from the 1800's mistakenly claimed that the vegetable has 10 times more iron than it actually has. It's also known today that spinach contains the molecule oxalic acid, which ...

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