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Editor's note 3/17: Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates wrote about Kasia's research and "hidden African ancestry" in the The Root. Check it out. Scientists have long used DNA to inform our understanding of big epochs of human change and migration. But what about the smaller changes, can DNA tell us ...

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Discovering More With 23andMe

23andMe results don’t just help you learn important information about your health, your results can also uncover information about yourself that you never knew, as Siaka, one of the actors who worked on our commercial learned. We wrote about 23andMe airing its first commercials, which featured actors that ...

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First Lady Michelle Obama’s Distant Cousins

Editors note: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated the name of Mrs. Obama's maternal great-great grandfather. The correct name is Henry Wells Shields. A story in Sunday’s New York Times about first lady Michelle Obama’s distant white relatives echoes some of what we’ve seen more and more of ...

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DNA Tests Uncover African Ancestry and Surprising Connection to Thomas Jefferson

As the series Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. begins its 10-week run on PBS, The Spittoon will feature posts from 23andMe’s Ancestry Ambassadors featuring their own stories about using DNA to dig into ancestry. By CeCe Moore You never know what a DNA test might reveal! A few months ...

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Did You Know? Ancestry is Not So Black and White

Data from the 2010 census showed that about 13% of people living in the United States self-identify as African American, but from a genetic point of view, ethnicity isn't so black and white. Most African Americans have genetic ancestry tracing back to both Africa and Europe but the exact proportion can vary ...

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Our Hidden African Ancestry

Update: A post at the blog Your Genetic Genealogist just went up with a very similar story to mine. Check it out.   It was just a few thin green segments on my fourth and seventh chromosomes that sent me searching. I wanted to know more about my family history. I pestered my mom with questions ...

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