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Connecting Cousins

Stephanie Griffith-Jackson always believed her ancestry was diverse, but she never suspected her DNA would lead her to France. Interested in her African American ancestry and her family health history, Stephanie tested with 23andMe to learn more. The results surprised her. “I’ve always been a mutt, and ...

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Why Wait?

On your own quest for good health, you don’t have to shoulder through a 1,500-meter swim in the Hudson River, or bike 40 kilometers through Manhattan, or run for almost an hour through Central Park. But you’re not Willie Sanchez. For him, training to compete in the New York City Triathlon sounded like the ...

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23andMe’s Newest Feature Explores Your Ancestry

Mike and Eric Our team rolled out a new feature called Ancestry Composition last week that will tell you more about what you’re made of, or more precisely, the geographic origins of your DNA. Principal Product Scientist Mike Macpherson, former Research Scientist Chuong “Tom” Do, and Computational ...

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