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Drug Development’s Long And Winding Road

Before a medicine reaches pharmacy shelves, it goes through extensive and rigorous evaluation to prove it is safe and effective. We want to shed some light on a few of the steps involved in drug development and highlight how the work being done by 23andMe with the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study can help ...

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23andMe’s Recent Research Collaborations

This week 23andMe announced a collaboration with Pfizer Inc, allowing researchers with the drug maker to leverage 23andMe’s unique platform to conduct genome-wide associations studies, surveys and clinical trial recruitment. The news follows a collaboration begun over the summer between 23andMe and Pfizer ...

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Raising Awareness About IBD

Over the summer 23andMe launched a collaborative study with Pfizer to study the research inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We've been encouraged by the number of people diagnosed with either Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis who have joined the study. On top of the research we're doing, we also ...

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Pfizer’s Director of Precision Medicine, Dr. Kenneth Eugene Hung

This summer 23andMe launched a new research initiative to study Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 23andMe has the good fortune to be collaborating with Pfizer on this study. Pfizer brings a wealth of experience and a great team of scientists to help in this work. Among those is Pfizer’s director of precision ...

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Gut Check — A Short List of IBD Blogs

It might not be genetic but there appears to be a clear association between having inflammatory bowel disease and having a damn good sense of humor. IBD is a serious digestive disorder and is no laughing matter. The umbrella diagnosis includes both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and affects an ...

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New Study To Look At The Genetics Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

For people battling Inflammatory Bowel Disease — an umbrella diagnosis that includes serious digestive conditions such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis — it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. There currently are very few medicines to treat the condition, which affects an estimated 1.4 million ...

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