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More From SXSW #AskAnne

We can’t tell you the breakout bands or best films from this year’s South By Southwest, but we can tell you that new ideas around digital health — including 23andMe’s use of big data to power research — drove a lot of the most interesting discussions on the interactive side of the festival. 23andMe’s CEO ...

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Proposal to Extend Genetic Privacy Protections in California

In an effort to extend the state’s privacy protections to people’s genetic material, California State Senator Alex Padilla D-Pacoima recently introduced the California Genetic Information Privacy Act. Last year, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law another bill authored by Padilla that extended the ...

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Labs Remove Genetic Data from Public Databases After Forensic Breakthrough

Yesterday we reported on a new statistical method that can establish the presence of a single individual's genetic signature in a sample containing DNA from hundreds of different people. The method has enormous potential in forensics, because DNA samples from crime scenes and mass disasters often contain ...

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