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Blast from the Past

The ability to extract and then sequence ancient DNA, not just from ancient human bones, but also from the bones of our ancient cousins the Neanderthals, is upending old notions of human migration and history. The latest in a rapid succession of new findings suggests that intermixing between Neanderthals ...

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Don’t Know Much About History?

High school teacher Thomas Holterman wanted to show his students that some of the human story and our own family history are written in our DNA if we choose to explore it. Holterman is one of four teachers who won an award for lesson plans they developed as part of the Genetics Learning Challenge, ...

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Back-to-School: Human Prehistory 101

Soon children will be filling their backpacks with new notebooks and pencils and piling into yellow school buses.  Even if your school days are long past, you need not be left behind.  Learning is life-long, and you can continue your education using 23andMe's short animated guides to human prehistory.  ...

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