23andMe’s New Ancestry Timeline

Robin Smith, 23ndMe Senior ScientistWhen did that 2 percent Yakut ancestry make its way into your family tree? The newest 23andMe Ancestry feature may have ...

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Genetic Weight Report


23andMe Releases First-of-its Kind Genetic Weight Report

Large scale genetic and non-genetic data plus machine learning, used to provide personalized portraits of how genes and lifestyle impact weightHave you ...

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Neanderthal Image

Science & Research

The Neanderthal Cookbook

It’s not quite waffles and paella, but it appears that Neanderthals were omnivores who adapted to eating whatever was available to them in the regions ...

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Neanderthal Image

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The Neanderthal Within

In the article Neanderthals Were People Too, Jon Mooallem describes an electric moment where he felt a visceral connection to our long lost human ...

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