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23andMe Studies the Genetics of Sexual Orientation

(Editor's note: Here's a link to Emily's poster presented at ASHG.) Earlier this year 23andMe began surveying its customers to study the genetics of sexual orientation. It is now the largest genome-wide association study of sexual orientation ever done. While our researchers have a strong scientific ...

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Back to School: Sex Chromosomes Quiz Results

The 23rd Chromosome This month we’ve run a series of quizzes for the back-to-school season. Here’s are the answers to our third and final quiz. Congratulations to Toni K., who was selected randomly from the large group of test takers who got all the answers right. You can see how you did by comparing with ...

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Back to School: All About Sex… Chromosomes

We know you’ve been studying hard at 23andMe U., but you’ve still got one more quiz to complete. This one hinges on some of the genetic differences between men and women. So before you matriculate, here’s the last quiz. Now don’t sweat it, you’ll do fine and we’ll even give you some hints along the way to ...

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The Disappearing Y: New Study Uncovers the History and Future of the Y Chromosome

It may be you've heard a rumor that males are on the brink of extinction. Whatever you may think of that prospect, the rumor is false. But over the past decade, numerous studies have hinted that the Y chromosome, a male necessity, is going the way of the dodo. Though other studies have suggested this ...

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X Marks the Spot: New Study Reveals Value of X-Chromosome in Tracing Prehistoric Human Migrations

In the world of genetic anthropology, mitochondrial DNA and the Y-chromosome are the major players.  They are regions of our genome scientists use most frequently when tracing both ancient and historical human migrations, and are an important tool for genealogists using DNA to piece together their family ...

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