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Smart Talk

Get two smart people in a room and let them talk. That’s the premise for astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s show “StarTalk,” and it makes for thought-provoking conversations about science. That’s what Neil got when he sat down with 23andMe’s CEO and co-founder Anne Wojcicki. As part of what Neil is ...

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This Year’s Top Ten Stories in Genetics

Starting in January with the launch of the ambitious Precision Medicine Initiative in the United States, 2015 finished with a heated debate around the appropriate use of technology that allows scientists to edit the human genome. Those two big stories bookended the year showing both the promise and peril of ...

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“Best Day Ever”

A big part of our mission is to help advance genetics education. We had a rewarding opportunity to do so last Friday, as the 23andMe Education Team hosted a holiday event for thirty 4th and 5th grade students from the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula (BGCP) in Redwood City. Not far from our Mountain View ...

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The Future of Health Care

Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe's CEO and co-founder, spoke recently with Kai Ryssdal, the host and senior editor at Marketplace, about the company, genetics, and the future of health care. It's a good overview of some of what we've been doing lately here at 23andMe. Anne takes time to explain some of 23andMe's ...

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Power of One Million

23andMe genotyped our one millionth customer last week. Today we celebrate one million customers: #PowerOf1Million. However, one million is more than a number. It’s a turning point. There are now one million people driving change. People are taking control of their data. People are taking ownership of ...

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23andMe Recognized As One of the Bay Area’s Healthiest Employers

At 23andMe our mission is to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. A big part of doing so is to help people make better decisions about their health. As a company we strive to carry out this mission with our own employees, encouraging them to make healthier choices. Whether ...

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Discussion On Faster Cures

(Editor's note: This post was edited from the original.) This week 23andMe CEO and co-founder Anne Wojcicki participated in a roundtable discussion held by the US House Energy and Commerce Committee to discuss a new initiative to accelerate the pace of cures and medical breakthroughs. Here is a recording of ...

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23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki On The Future of Genetics

If you weren't in Austin for the South-by-Southwest conference, here's video of Anne's keynote speech on the future of genetics. ...

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Happy Holidays From 23andMe


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A Look At 23andMe’s DNA Revolution

You don’t need an excuse to read the always-interesting magazine Fast Company, but if you did, here it is: This week’s cover story,  “The Most Daring CEO in America,” features 23andMe’s CEO and co-founder Anne Wojcicki. Writer Elizabeth Murphy gets to the core of what 23andMe is trying to accomplish: ...

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