Sharing Her Story

Jayne Berry’s adoptive parents let her know she was special. 23andMe_Logo_blog As a child, her parents told her: “Most children are just given to their parents, but you were chosen to be our daughter.”Jayne felt lucky to have the parents she had, but because she never wanted to hurt them, she waited to ask more about where she came from. Who was her biological mother and why she’d been put up for adoption?After testing with 23andMe and connecting with a niece, she finally got answers, met three full brothers and one half brother and learned about her now deceased mother. Her story was featured on Lexington, Kentucky television station and the local paper.We asked if we could share her story with our readers.“I would be honored,” Jayne said. “My goal is to help those who are still searching.”Check it out.
  • Bobby Miller

    I am a 77 year old male. I just found out through Dna that I had a different father than my sisters. Is there any hope that I will be able to connect with any family members from my biological dad’s family?? Or is this database only connect my others side of the family? Bobby

    • 23blog

      Hi Bobby,
      The matches you get in DNA Relatives are from all branches of your family tree, so yes it is possible that you can connect with relatives on your paternal line. Although we now have a customer base of more than three quarters of a million people, that doesn’t mean you will easily find a close relative on that side of your family. More likely you will find a third cousin or more distant, but that may still be useful for your search. Those connections could help you piece together what you need to find out. It may take some triangulating of your matches and any other information you may know about your biological father – possible surnames, ancestry, and even the cities where he may be from. I hope this helps. We also have a very active community of users who can be very helpful in your search.