What Patients Say Works for Eczema

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By Alex Carmichael, Co-Founder of CureTogetherPeople living with Eczema have reported that some of the most effective treatments for their skin include medications like Clobetisol, Trimacinolone, Elocon, and Fluocinonide. This is according to a new study by CureTogether, a free resource owned by 23andMe that allows people to share information about their health and treatments.Participants in the study also said they found that simple interventions like avoiding allergens, avoiding sweating or temperature changes, moisturizing often, and reducing stress were also effective. They also said dietary changes help. Conversely some common treatments such as antihistamines, coconut oil, and not washing hair every day were among the least effective, according to the study.
Effective Treatments for Eczema As Rated By Patients 1. Clobetisol 2. Triamcinolone 3. Steroid injection 4. Elocon 5. Fluocinonide 6. Avoid problem foods 7. Avoid allergens 8. Corticosteroid cream 9. Moisturize frequently 10. Reduce stress
According to the National Institutes of Health, Eczema affects 15 million Americans and 10% of young adults worldwide. It can be embarrassing to experience cosmetically, but also impacts people’s quality of life. Finding accurate recommendations on treatments that work well can be challenging, so CureTogether asked people living with Eczema to rate the effectiveness of 32 different patient-reported treatments.Where did this data come from? This is the result of a four-year CureTogether study on Eczema, in which 1,109 people living with the condition shared information about their symptoms and what treatments worked best for them. We’d like to thank those who participated. And just as they shared their experience with treatments, we’re freely and openly sharing the results of the Eczema study.This is part of a regular series of CureTogether research findings. CureTogether’s research findings are different than those made by 23andMe, which look at genetic associations with illness, traits and drug response. But as we continue our work with the CureTogether community, 23andMe hopes to incorporate more of this kind of self-reported information into our own research. CureTogether present its findings just as they are – patient-reported data – to stimulate discussion and generate new insights for further research.Please tweet, blog, or pass this along to anyone who can benefit or is interested in Eczema. Thank you!
  • Sharon A. Swanson

    CapriClear really helps. It helps soothe the itch and reduces the redness that comes with having eczema. We use it all the time and highly recommend it.

  • greenherbin

    very informative and it will help many others, we are also dealing in same
    field hence found this informative to add in our process also

  • Janet Barker-Evans

    Clobetasol with an Unna’s boot wrap is the only thing that helped me, after years of failed treatments. I do that for 3-5 days and I have amazing healing that lasts for weeks or months.

  • Karen K.


    I am hoping I can help someone here. If you have never heard of Arbonne, I highly recommend it. There is a product called Renewing Body Gelee, that healed my friend’s eczema overnight, and my neighbor’s grandbaby’s eczema in 2 days. My friend were pretty shocked, and we both decided to become independent consultants for Arbonne. This product is one of the most natural/pure products that Arbonne has. It is actually used in an organic salon near my home. (I can send ingredient list if anyone is interested). There is another product called 5-in-1 essential massage oil that is used for eczema AND psoriasis, with great results.

    What I love about Arbonne’s beauty/health & wellness/cosmetic products is that they are FREE from harmful chemicals, such as: parabens, mineral oils, formaldehyde, animal by-products/fillers (gross!), petrolatum, and many more. They are NOT tested on animals (yay!), and they are certified-vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free. Best of all, Arbonne is a Swiss company, and has a much higher standard of what ingredients are allowed in their products. Over 500 ingredients that Europe has banned from their products, we use here in the U.S.! So many people are unaware of this.

    Anyway, I hate to sound like a spammer. I just know what this product has done for my friend and neighbor’s grandbaby, so I wanted to share in case someone was at their wit’s end, and wanted to find a product that works.

    If you are interested in seeing if this product works for you, please respond to my comment. I’d be more than happy to mail out a sample free of charge. No one should have to suffer from eczema…especially babies and children. 🙁

    God bless,
    Karen K.

  • Leslie Chua

    Nice info but I’d like to share that topical steroids have an inherent risk and there are people who become dependent on them, just like I did. Withdrawing from their usage lead to more rashes and eczema-like symptoms. I’m close to 10 months off all Topical Steroids and my skin has recovered so well. Do note the dangers of topical steroids, and use them VERY sparingly.

    Leslie Chua
    Founder of Eczemag

    • moirajw

      corticosteroids prescribed for my hand eczema have ruined my hands and did not work long term anyway – now I am careful to moisturise with oat based products as frequently as I can – as well as avoid know irritants like window cleaning detergents and washing up liquids especially

  • diane

    Steroids dont work for me anymore. Ive been suffering from eczema since i was a child. I now use organic oils like blackseed oil calendula shea butter etc and it seems to help me more. What works the best is i use a mini travel steamer and it kills the itch right away. U have to be carefull and make sure its upright or it could cause burns. Steam sauna works too. Then apply the oils.

  • David De Santis

    My wife suffered from eczema all her life, she is 67. Been to all the Skin Drs., had all the medications, creams tests etc. In late 2013 she developed shingles and during the diagnosis we became aware Imuran she was taking for her skin may have caused the shingles as it lowers your immune system. She stopped taking it. During the following months we determined she needed a vitamin pickup and the chemist recommended Berocca. She has been taking 0ne per day for many months and her skin is excellent. It has cleared up 80% better than it ever was under medical treatment. She hasn’t been to the skin specialist for over 9 months where before she was going every couple of months. An accidental treatment outcome defeating a lifetime of recommended treatments.

  • Manny Banaag

    What’s your dosage for St. Johns Wort?

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