May 6, 2022 - Research

Postdoc Opportunities at 23andMe

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If you’re a recent Ph.D. graduate interested in opportunities to work with genetic data in the search for new insights into human disease and new treatments for those conditions, then 23andMe wants you.

23andMe has many new positions as part of our Postdoc Program. Positions will include work in labs, data science, computational biology, or translational biology.  These positions offer the right candidates unrivaled opportunities to collaborate, investigate and discover together with our seasoned scientists known for world-class innovation.

“23andMe has a very large database of re-contactable customers who have consented to participate in our research driven by genetic data,” said Davide Foletti, a Research Fellow in Drug Discovery on the 23andMe Therapeutics Team.  “The unparalleled size of our unique database gives us enormous discovery power to study all manner of diseases. It shapes our approach to target discovery and guides our process to drug development generating insights at an unprecedented scale. The postdoc positions at 23andMe offer a unique opportunity for the right candidate.” 

The positions include generous compensation, with competitive salaries as well as top-notch benefits, and a wonderful working environment. The positions will be for two, or three years, and in the case of the biology postdoc positions within the Therapeutics Team, there will be an optional fourth year. Some positions may be remote. Two postdoc positions within the Research Team will be sponsored by the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

We are interested in recent Ph.D. graduates who are ready to pursue research focused on a number of areas, from Long COVID and Parkinson’s disease, to developing and improving upon polygenic risk scores, and studying the genetics of complex diseases within diverse populations.. Within our Therapeutics Team, there will be positions focused on genetics, biology and translational science, novel technologies, and computational and functional genomics approaches to target and drug discovery. 

Each Postdoc will be supported in expanding their research experience and skills while being highly encouraged to present their work externally at scientific meetings and publish in top-ranked peer-reviewed journals. The program offers the opportunity to work with the largest genetic and phenotypic database of its kind in the world,opportunities to develop project management skills and to work cross-functionally with multiple groups and functions within the company.

23andMe’s mission is to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome. Our Postdoc program will focus on therapeutics and the opportunity to ensure that more people benefit from the human genome. Qualified postdocs leading innovative projects push our mission forward, translating great research into great discovery.

Stay tuned for information and links to more details in the coming weeks for this great opportunity for the right candidate.  

Key Facts
  • 23andMe’s postdoc positions are for two, or three years with the option of a fourth year for the biology postdoc position on the Therapeutics team. While we cannot commit to hiring any of our postdocs, we encourage them to apply for open positions with the company after completion of their training. 
  • The program is funded by 23andMe except for two positions created with the support of the Michael J. Fox Foundation.
  • The program aims to prepare the postdoc for success in research in academia or industry.
  • 23andMe postdocs will be working on real-world challenges alongside our scientists.
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a 23andMe research postdoc position, you must have completed a Ph.D. in a STEM field within the last two to four years.

Recruiting Timeline

Details for the openings will be posted by the end of May 2022, with the aim of hiring qualified candidates this summer.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at 23andMe foster a workplace that embodies respect and transparency, helps us empower one another, and provides access to opportunity for everyone. Learn how you will experience diversity, equity, and inclusion at 23andMe.


Visit our Postdoc Program Website to learn more and apply for positions through our careers page.

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