Nov 22, 2015 - Research

23andMe Research and Insight on the Go

23andMe’s new mobile application is changing how genetic research is done.

The new app offers unique access to the world of genetic research through your smartphone. By engaging in simple surveys, you can contribute to scientific research while also gaining insight into the discoveries made by 23andMe researchers.

In this first iteration, the application allows customers the chance to answer survey questions and gain new insight into the genetics behind traits and conditions. Similar to the logged-in experience, as customers answer questions, they will receive milestone insights with information about different studies and research data to directly see what they’re contributing to.

“Part of our mission at 23andMe is to empower people, providing access to genetic information and tools to understand it,” said Moti Sorkin, who heads up 23andMe’s mobile applications team. “Almost half of our customers access our product on a mobile device, and that number is rapidly growing.”

Ultimately, the application will allow customers to connect to their accounts and see their genetic reports on ancestry, health and traits.

Right now the application, which is free, is only available for people in the United States with smartphones on the iOS platform.

Developers are working on expanding to other platforms. Ultimately, most of the features in the 23andMe logged-in experience will also be available through the app. But what’s even more interesting is what developers hope to add to the application in the long run.

“This is a first step,” Moti said. “We’re excited to empower consumers, and to bring genetic knowledge and understanding to anyone who wants it. Stay tuned for more!”

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