Feb 27, 2013 - 23andMe and You

23andMe’s Homage to Jeopardy!

Last week we put up a quiz in the spirit of Jeopardy! after host Alex Trebek made use of 23andMe in one of his game clues.

The time was up last night to make your entry. So here are the answers to our Homage to Jeopardy! Quiz.

Remember you didn’t have to get everything correct to be entered into the giveaway. We’ll announce the two lucky winners on Friday. For more on the rules go  here.

In the meantime, you can grade your own tests. We give you an A for effort.

1) The “23” of 23andMe.com, a site tracing ancestry and personal genetic information, refers to pairs of these…

Too easy. The answer is “What are chromosomes.”

2) Men inherit one copy of this chromosome, while women inherit two …

If you marked your X on “What is the X Chromosome?” you are correct.

3) This recessive disease is characterized by crescent-shaped red blood cells

The correct answer is “What is Sickle cell anemia?”

4) People with two copies of the E4 version of the APOE gene are at significantly increased risk for this disease…

The answer is “What is Alzheimer’s disease?”

5) This famous actor founded a Parkinson’s disease research foundation that partners with 23andMe, Inc…

The answer is “Who is Michael J. Fox?”

6) This fictional adoptee has appeared on the 23andMe blog to illustrate ancestry features…

Who is Sheridan?

7) 23andMe was used to analyze the DNA of famous figures on this PBS genealogy series…

What is “Finding Your Roots”?

8) Isolated populations can have higher rates of specific genetic variations due to this phenomenon…

What is the founder effect?

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