Oct 21, 2014 - Research

23andMe’s Research At ASHG 2014

Geneticists from all over the world have converged in San Diego this week as part of the American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting.


A team of scientists from 23andMe joined the thousands of geneticists in attendances to present some of our own research. Below are links to some of the posters presented.

In addition, 23andMe also gave previews of our new “Research Portal,” which will allow qualified researchers to access aggregated, anonymized 23andMe data from our 600,000 genotyped individuals who have given consent for research under an Independent Review Board approved protocol.

By offering access to 23andMe’s unique research model, we believe we can help accelerate research and fuel discoveries.

Below are the list of some of the 23andMe posters presented at ASHG with links to PDFs versions of the posters.
Posters Jpg.001

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Analysis of Parent-Child Phenotypic Correlations for Hundreds of Medical and Behavioral Traits
Author(s): E. Pierson, D. Hinds, A. Kleinman, N. Eriksson

Genes Involved in Brain Development Influence Crying Habits -A Genome Wide Association Study
Author(s): C. Tian, C. Y. McLean, E. Y. Durand, N. Eriksson, J. Y. Tung, D. A. Hinds

The genetic ancestry of African, Latino, and European Americans across the United States
Author(s): K. Bryc, E. Durand, D. Reich, J. Mountain

A Large Scale Genome Wide Association Study of Varicose Veins in the 23andMe Cohort
Author(s): R. K. Bell, E. Y. Durand, C. Y. McLean, N. Eriksson, J. Y. Tung, D. A. Hinds

GWAS of 89,283 individuals identifies genetic variants associated with being a morning person
Author(s): Y. Hu, A. Shmygelska, D. Tran, N. Eriksson, J. Tung, D. Hinds

Accelerating Drug Development with 23andMe Phenome-Wide Association Studies
Author(s): F. Sathirapongsasuti, B. T. Naughton, J. L. Mountain, D. A. Hinds, J. Y. Tung, C. Y. McLean

Risk prediction and Type II Diabetes
Author(s): N. Furlotte, S. Dandekar, R. Smith, N. Eriksson, D. Hinds

Genetic discovery in the 23andMe participant cohort
Author(s): D. A. Hinds, C. A. M. Northover, M. H. McIntyre, C. Wilson, K. E. Huber, A. Kleinman, F. Sathirapongsasuti, R. K. Bell, E. Pierson, K. Bryc, A. S. Shmygelska, N. A. Furlotte, Y. Hu, C. Tian, E. Y. Durand, C. Y. McLean, B. Naughton, J. L. Mountain, N. Eriksson, J. Y. Tung

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