Oct 10, 2008 - 23andMe and You

A New Way to View Your Data

23andMe is always looking for ways not just to give our customers more data, but to help them better understand their genetic information and what it means for them. This week, we’re introducing a new way to look at Health and Traits data that does just that by pinpointing for each person the particular topics they are likely to find most important. We expect this new approach to become especially valuable as the amount of information provided by our Personal Genome Service continues to grow.

This is what the new view looks like:

The Clinical Reports page (above) shows topics containing information that is both supported by solid scientific evidence and has the potential to make a real difference in terms of your disease risk or odds of having a particular trait. There are four different sections within Clinical Reports:

  • Disease Risks shows you the currently covered health conditions for which your risk is most elevated.
  • Carrier Status tells you whether you have one or more of the disease-causing mutations we cover.
  • Traits tells you what your genes indicate with regard to a number of physical attributes, from earwax consistency to malaria resistance.
  • New and Recently Updated is just that – a list of our newest and most recently updated Health and Traits topics.

The second page of the dashboard contains a list of Research Reports. These contain information that either has not yet been scientifically validated or has been. However they don’t have a substantial influence on your odds of having a disease or trait. On the left side of the list there are colored dots that indicate what effect, if any, your data have on your genetic risk of disease.

Here’s what the Research Reports page looks like:

The new Health and Traits dashboard isn’t intended to give you all of your information on a single page. You still need to look at the individual reports to see what they contain. But as the number of diseases, conditions and traits we cover continues to grow, we hope it will help our customers find the ones that are of greatest interest to them!

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