Oct 21, 2015 - Education

A Note to Educators from Anne

Making genetics education fun and accessible has been core to our mission since we launched in 2007.

Genetics for All

Understanding our genome is Anne_Color_ Seatedpossibly the most exciting scientific discovery of our lifetime, and it is a scientific experience we should all be able to enjoy and participate in.

At 23andMe, we believe anyone can learn about and understand genetics and that it should be fun for people of all ages and education levels.

A Family Tradition

My passion for education comes from my parents, who are educators.  My father is a particle physicist, and my mother is a high school journalism teacher.

I saw firsthand how hard it was for the physics community to explain what they do and show people why it is meaningful. At the same time, I saw my mother take complicated concepts and get high school students to learn and write about them. Together, they taught me that anyone can learn any subject.

Learning about your genetics is a personal experience and helps people understand why they are the way they are.

New Tools

Over the last seven years, the tools created by 23andMe have been used in classrooms of all sorts, from kindergarten teachers using our children’s book to explain DNA to medical schools developing whole curricula off our health reports.  It’s thrilling and exciting to see all ages learning about genetics and how it impacts their life.

We are eager to engage more proactively with you, the educator, in the coming years.

We are committed to creating a place where educators can learn and discuss genetics. We will continue to provide tools for you to use.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions. We promise to continue developing a robust site for the education world.

We look forward to being your partner as the genome is decoded and genetics becomes increasingly important in our lives.sig_small_transparent

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