Jul 31, 2018 - News

Best Practices for Protecting Consumers’ Privacy

23andMe joined forces with non-profit organization Future of Privacy Forum along with Ancestry, Helix, and other leading personal genetic testing companies to issue a new Privacy Best Practices for Consumer Genetic Testing Services.


The document offers a policy framework for protecting consumer information, as well as guidelines for the collection, protection, sharing and use of genetic data generated from consumer genetic testing.


“Everyone who participates in a genetic testing service deserves to have their information protected, no matter which service or product they use,” said Kate Black, 23andMe’s Global Privacy Officer. “It’s imperative that all consumer genetic testing companies adhere to comprehensive privacy protections, and clearly communicate their policies to consumers in a transparent manner.”


Much of the fundamental tenets of the policy are already core to 23andMe’s privacy protections for consumers.


“With over a decade of experience as a leader in consumer genetic testing, we’ve built incredibly strong privacy practices,” Kate said. “We are happy to now work with the industry and an organization like the FPF to solidify best practices, and help ensure proper protection of consumers’ genetic information more broadly.”


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