Mar 8, 2019 - Inside 23andMe

Be Inspired for Women’s History Month

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March is Women’s History Month — and March 8th is International Women’s Day — marking a time to recognize the extraordinary achievements, courage, persistence, and contributions of women worldwide. Here at 23andMe, Women’s History Month offers us an opportunity to reflect on the outsized impact women have had on our company’s journey — from our founding to the science behind what we do. That inspiration all starts with our CEO and co-founder Anne Wojcicki. But we see it at all levels of the company. This month we want to highlight three of the many women at 23andMe who inspire each of us.

Joyce Tung, 23andMe’s Vice President of Research, often says her career would have been much different if a small flyer hadn’t caught her eye more than a decade ago at Stanford.

After getting her PhD in genetics studying human fertility at the University of California San Francisco, Joyce did post doctoral work at Stanford studying the genetics of skin pigmentation.

It was there that fate intervened. She happened to see a flyer advertising jobs at this new company called 23andMe.

It wasn’t just a lucky break for Joyce, but for 23andMe as well. When she decided to leap into this new opportunity, it didn’t just change the trajectory of her career. Joyce coming so early to 23andMe also helped our team establish a strong foundation for our groundbreaking research.

Throughout her career, Joyce has always embodied our core values at 23andMe — lead with science and put the consumer at the heart of everything we do. And she does all of that with the same kind of vigor, humor, and humanity that has defined our company culture. Along with her intelligence and careful council, Joyce’s is known around 23andMe for her distinctive laugh which usually can be heard echoing around the office.

Now Joyce leads a team of over 80 scientists responsible for our company’s research initiatives. That work touches on everything from supporting our therapeutic development program with drug target identification, to collaborations with academic and industry partners, to research and development of new consumer products.

But she’s driven by the same passions that have always motivated her.

I love science, and I love scientists in all their glorious nerdiness,” she says.

So do we.

And we draw inspiration from women like Joyce, and as part of Women’s History Month, we’ll introduce you to another woman who inspires us here at 23andMe.

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