Jun 6, 2016 - Ancestry

Know Your Roots

Among the many brilliant performances on the History Channels remake of the series 04012016_ancestryQuote_shortbest known for her work on the stage.

Like many of the actors who were part of this series, and the original that first aired 39 years ago, the part had special meaning for Rose, as she said in a recent interview with Variety.

“I’m very proud of being able to be a part of this and bring it back for a new generation of audiences,” she said. “Because it is ours. It is the story  of America. I’m proud to be able to bring it back and make it relevant again.”

In the spirit of Alex Haley, the search for his own family’s roots that inspired his powerful novel, many of those involved in this series explored their own ancestry including using 23andMe. Rose was among those who tested with  23andMe, learning about her own roots in West Africa.

Take a look at what Anika Noni Rose says about testing and her role in the series.

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