Jan 2, 2024 - News

Origin and Our Common Humanity


Fundamental, common humanity unites every person on the planet: DNA. Some use race and biology to explain what are, in reality, social and cultural differences between people. It’s a fact that we humans are genetically 99.5 percent identical. 

23andMe is a brand that leads with science. We fundamentally believe that we are more alike than we are different. Understanding that ridding ourselves of socially constructed ‘isms’ — like racism or classism —frees everyone. When we step out of systems of “us” vs “them” and bear witness to the oppression of people everywhere, humanity takes center stage. 

Isabel Wilkerson’s biographical New York Times best-selling book, Caste, inspired Ava DuVernay’s new film ORIGIN. As with the book, DuVernay’s moving film adaptation — starring Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor as Wilkerson — analyzes discrimination and the connections between American racism, Nazi persecution of Jews, and India’s caste system. 

It is the 0.5 percent that makes us each genetically different from one another and has also bred hatred across the world.

23andMe believes that focusing on all that we share as humans, and celebrating what makes us unique, could bring the world together. So for the next 23 days of January, 23andMe will donate 100 seats daily, to the Seat16 program which has a goal of getting 10,000 young people around the country to see the new film, ORIGIN.

Everyone deserves a place in this world and we believe in focusing on the things we share in common. Above all else, we want the world to remember that we are all 100 percent human.

ORIGIN will be in select theaters starting on January 19, 2024. 23andMe CEO and Co-founder Anne Wojcicki helped produce the film. You can see the ORIGIN film trailer here. 

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