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Better Together: Sisters Meet for the First Time

Adopted sisters

Limia Ravart remembers the 23andMe message that changed her life.

“Hi. My name is Hannah Raleigh, and apparently I am your biological sister,” it began. “I have been thinking about messaging you for a few days now and I have just come up with enough courage to do it.”

“I was in shock,” Limia said. “Really in shock. I couldn’t sleep like all night after the email.”

Growing up apart

 The two sisters were adopted from China when they were infants by two separate, loving families. Limia, who is 25, was raised in Quebec, Canada. Hannah, 20, grew up in Chicago, Illinois.

 After connecting online, they’ve built a relationship through weekly video calls.  

 They’ve also discovered some uncanny similarities – from their style preferences and academic interests to their taste in men and late-night snacks.

 “Our go-to midnight snack isn’t like, ice cream. It’s popcorn or chips,” Hannah explained. 

Together at last

 Limia and Hannah finally had the chance to meet in person live on Good Morning America. When they laid eyes on each other, they immediately embraced.

“It’s a special occasion,” Limia exclaimed.

What’s next for the reunited pair? Making up for lost time. They’re planning a trip to Montreal and even have plans to get matching tattoos. “We have so much to discover from our past stories,” Limia said. “We have so much to talk about.”

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