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Summer Interns 2021, Part II

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This is part two of our introduction of 23andMe’s new class of summer interns. You can see the first batch of interns here. This second group of interns will also be working across the company in roles with engineering, computational biology, statistical genetics, design, and IT.

Read on to learn more about this next group of interns.

If you want to learn more about our intern program, check out the 23andMe Careers page. We’ll be posting more details about the program in the fall when we begin recruiting for the next class of interns.  If you still have questions email internships@23andme.com. 

Ludovico Verniani

iOS Engineering Intern

Ludovico loves solving real world problems with software and finds much pleasure in learning new technologies to solve them. He is thrilled to bring his creativity to the iOS team this summer to further improve the public’s discovery of their genome.

Taylor Cavazos

Computational Biologist Intern

Taylor is passionate about understanding the genetic architecture of complex traits and developing genetic models that are accurate in diverse populations. She is looking forward to incorporating functional genomics data to explore these questions as a Computational Biologist Intern on the Therapeutics team.

Bhairavi Swaminathan

Statistical Genetics Intern

Decoding the genome has always excited Bhairavi. She spent over 10 years of her career exploring her interest in identifying susceptibility markers and disease mechanisms. She is enthralled by the opportunity to work with the Statistical Genetics team to fine-map susceptibility genes  to identify causal variants.

Tiffany Lee

Engineering Intern

Tiffany is interested in encouraging individual health ownership through easy and accessible health management. She has worked in biotech, pharmacy, and is now working on a post-baccalaureate in computer science. Tiffany is really excited to be joining as an Engineering Intern and being a part of making health information approachable.

Jason Chan

UX Design Intern

Jason is a self-taught UX Designer passionate about developing creative solutions in the healthcare space. He is excited to be joining the Product Design team and contributing to the mission to help customers learn about their genetics in a user-friendly way!

Kunling Huang

Computational Biologist Intern

Kunling is enthusiastic about designing statistical methods to discover the role of genetic variants. She is really excited to work with the Computational Biology Group in Therapeutics to discover novel disease genes.

Christina Li

Office of the CEO, Archive Intern

Christina is deeply interested in the subjects of public health, policy, data science, and the ways in which various mediums of storytelling can communicate the most critical issues of healthcare today. She is thrilled to be joining the Office of the CEO as an Archive Intern and telling the story of the company’s history through its archives.

Marcos Sandoval

IT Help Desk Intern

Marcos is an enterprising future IT professional eager to grow and learn as a professional at 23andMe. He can’t wait to meet everyone and to work with the IT Team to provide IT Solutions for the 23andMe family.

Cindy Mui

Engineering Intern

Cindy is a newly minted Software Engineer who is interested in the application of machine learning in healthcare. She’s really excited to be joining the Engineering team as an Intern to help create the best user experiences for 23andMe’s customers.

Kenneth Nguyen

Engineering Intern

Kenneth is excited to be joining 23andMe as a software engineer intern and working on developing customer-facing features, learning new technologies, and utilizing accessibility tools to impact a broader audience.

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