Oct 17, 2018 - Ancestry

The DNA Download Videos, Take Two

DNA Download Take Two

You’ve watched the first batch of 23andMe’s new video series, The DNA Download, and now you want to go a little deeper. In this next collection a few of our scientists and specialists will walk you through the basics of DNA testing for ancestry.


As with the first set of videos, these next four episodes are also hosted by Halleta Alemu, and are meant spark your curiosity about DNA testing and what you can learn. At 23andMe we believe that anyone can understand the fascinating science of genetics.


What makes this next set of videos so interesting is that they show you how exploring your DNA can inform you not just about your ancestry, but how your story fits into the broader human story.



In this video Alexandra Langston, a 23andMe Customer Operations Specialist, introduces us to our favorite human cousin, the Neanderthals. Most modern humans still carry Neanderthal DNA, which you can learn through testing.



23andMe Ancestry Scientist, Samantha Esselmann, Ph.D., does more than just explain the meaning of the word “haplogroup.” In this video Samantha explains how haplogroups can give you insight into your deep ancestry.



Erica Bellman, a 23andMe Ancestry Content Writer, explains how scientists unravel your ancestry composition and recent ancestor locations. Learn where all those ancestry percentages come from.



Rounding out this set of videos is Lindsay Grove, a 23andMe Senior Product Specialist, who explains how scientists predict family relationships from our DNA and what it means to be DNA Relatives.


These four videos just hint at some of what you can learn about ancestry through DNA testing. And it’s not just adoptees or others with little information about their family’s ethnicity, but anyone who is curious about their family tree or deep ancestry can find something interesting. And this self-exploration can teach them about the deeper ancestry that connects them to all humans on this planet.


In the first set of videos you learned some basic genetic concepts. This week you learned a little about 23andMe testing for anestry.  Stay tuned for the last batch of videos in The DNA Download series that cover the new and important insights being gleaned by scientists doing genetic research at 23andMe.

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